2000 Kimbrough 400

By | 10/13/2004

Kimbrough 400Las Vegas, Nevada

 Jay Kimbrough held his annual Kimbrough 400 at Western R/C this past weekend in Fabulous Las Vegas. Nearly 90 Paved Oval entries from at least 4 states made the trip to this night time event. Racing for this event does not even start until 9:00 P.M. on Friday nights, and concludes around 2:00 A.M. both days. A special thanks to all the racers who came a really long way. Several from the DENVER area, several from the Northern California area, a handfull from Arizona. The largest class was Sportsman Stock with 27 drivers trying for the top spot. Since we were using a bump up for the mains this made for all the way down to a "D" main in this class. The bump ups went like this, the top 8 positions in a main were set. The next two spots were filled by the top two in the lower main. Each bump up driver was only given 7 minutes to have his car ready for the next main if he bumped, so they had to be prepared. This entailed making a number change on the car, changing the battery, cooling the motor a bit and in some cases changing crystals for conflicting channels. The "D" main saw Phil York and Mike Fleek transfer to the "C", in the "C" it was again Phil York along with Curtis Kniffen bumping up to the "B". Doug Edwards and Jason Sheyko made the bump to the "A", but apparently Edwards was unable to make the race. In the Sportsman Stock "A" main it was TQ Mike Learn from "R.O.C.K.S." who grabbed the early lead, and never looked back beating out Brian O'Connel and Kent Kniffen. All 3 cars were seperated by only 2 1/2 seconds. -- Sportsman Stock A-Main -- 1 29/4:05.07 Mike Learn 2 29/4:06.49 Brian O'Connell 3 29/4:07.68 Kent Kniffen 4 28/4:06.31 Warren Stanley 5 27/4:01.19 Mike Truhe 6 27/4:03.14 Marvin Avila 7 27/4:03.66 Jason Sheyko 8 27/4:08.49 Sam Chaloupka 9 25/4:08.17 Dom Ursetta -- D N S -- Doug Edwards The Expert Stock "A" Main saw a close battle between Chris Newman and Paul Cathey. Cathey who set TQ with a 30/4:06.77 was unable to beat out Newman in the main. Newman ran a 29/4:02.63 to Cathey's 29/4:03.79. Rounding out the top 5 were Buck Van Patten and Larry Mullins who both ran 29 laps, and Dale Bonnena who made it 28. -- Expert Stock A-Main -- 1 29/4:02.63 Chris Newman 2 29/4:03.79 Paul Cathey 3 29/4:05.18 Buck Van Patten 4 29/4:07.64 Larry Mullins 5 28/4:07.89 Dale Bonnena 6 26/4:05.30 Randy Johnson 7 21/3:56.93 Larry Ruby Sportman Stock "NASTRUCK" saw a real battle for TQ spot. There was just .27 seconds seperating the top 3 qualifiers with Jake Rosen running a 28/4:04.38 to Ozzie Robinson's 28/4:04.41, and Jason Sheyko's 28/4:04.65. Lee Schultz and Mark Green made the BUMP UP from the "B" main to make the field. In the "A" main the battle was almost as close as qualifying with Rosen holding off Sheyko to take the Victory by just over a 1/2 second. Ozzie fell back to 3rd by almost 3 seconds. Lee Schuts and Dan Smith made up the rest of the top 5 finishers. --Stock Nastruck A-Main-- 1 28/4:04.28 Jake Rosen 2 28/4:04.80 Jason Sheyko 3 28/4:07.30 Ozzie 4 27/4:01.56 Lee Schultz 5 27/4:03.89 Dan Smith 6 27/4:08.09 Dom Ursetta 7 26/4:02.78 Eddie Beliec 8 26/4:07.20 Mark Green 9 24/4:00.70 Russ Poole 0 5/1:03.34 Peter Jereb In Sportsman Modified it was Darcy Silva who jumped out to an early lead, but trouble struck and Joe Myers inherited the lead in the middle of the race. Myers proved to be no match for the TQ Matt Gerjets however, with Gerjets getting around Myers with about 45 seconds to go. Gerjets went on to win running a 32/4:04.62 to Myers 32/4:06.82. Donn Natale came in third with Rod Parker and Ron Scott finishing up the top 5. --Sportsman Modified A-Main-- 1 32/4:04.62 Matt Gerjets 2 32/4:06.82 Joe Myers 3 31/4:00.94 Donn Natale 4 31/4:04.40 Rod Parker 5 30/4:02.61 Ron Scott 6 29/4:03.04 Ken Collins 7 26/4:00.70 Wayne Evans 8 19/2.42.97 Darcy Silva 9 2/2.21.28 Felipe Avila -- D N S -- Jim Bishop In Expert Modified it was Kyle Mohan taking TQ spot away from Eric Dimmick with a run of 33/4:00.57 to Dimmick's 33/4:03.14. Making the BUMP from the "B" was Paul Cathey and Jason Hastings. In the main it was Todd Fossen with the fastest run of the weekend taking the win. Fossen ran a 34/4:09.80 taking the win over Dimmick who ran 33/4:00.57 with Paul Cathey on .03 seconds behind him running a 33/4:00.60, Dan Lee and Mohan made up the rest of the top 5. --Expert Modified A-Main-- 1 34/4:09.80 Todd Fossen 2 33/4:00.57 Eric Dimmick 3 33/4:00.60 Paul Cathey 4 33/4:02.90 Dan Lee 5 33/4:04.07 Kyle Mohan 6 32/4:01.34 Dave Barber 7 32/4:05.96 Mike Fleek 8 32/4:08.46 Jason Hastings 9 27/3:30.48 Larry Mullins 0 19/2:45.58 Tony Evans 1/12th scale had a real small turnout, but Lou Maldonado showed the way over Troy Schossow and Joe Malin. --1/12th Scale Stock A-Main-- 1 35/5:06.53 Lou Maldonado 2 33/5:00.66 Troy Schossow 3 14/2:40.66 Joe Malin Nitro Oval cars were having too much fun, 5 Nitro cars started the weekend and these things zipped round the track putting on a great show. Warren Stanley won the 10 minute main over Tony Evans and Ken Collins. --Nitro A-Main-- 1 Warren Stanley 2 Tony Evans 3 Ken Collins 4 Russ Poole 5  Grant Kniffen The FACTORY MODIFIED class saw Daryl Silva with the fastest run of the weekend. The FACTORY guys are allowed to run the "NEW" 3000 mah batteries, and SILVA may have been running the Sanyo's. Daryl's TQ time was 36/4:02.92 over Sean Cochran's 36/4:05.90. Leo Tarpley and Richard Brauer made it into the "A" using the Bump up from the "B". The "A" main had Tony Neisinger staying clean and out of trouble taking the win over Jim Silvay and Gary Hamilton. Silva was the first car out only making it to the 18 lap mark. 1 35/4:00.57 Tony Neisinger 2 35/4:04.03 Jim Silvay 3 35/4:04.74 Gary Hamilton 4 35/4:06.02 Sean Cochran 5 34/4:05.91 Erik Steenhoven 6 31/4:05.48 Trace Boden 7 26/3:04.91 Jason Ertracter 8 25/3:18.48 Richard Brauer 9 20/2:36.23 Leo Tarpley 0 18/2:04.08 Daryl Silva